Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

It's the last day of February so with this post I am caught up once again.  I guess I won't promise that I'll get better with the blog posts, because I'm thinking that probably won't happen :) 

February is a busier month for us.  There's Valentine's day, Evan's birthday, and David's birthday. 

Here are some cute pictures of the boys:

Another favorite past time of the boys...playing with their "garbage"

My cool construction duo
We bought a coin sorter that was on an After Christmas clearance.  The boys loved it!
Nolan likes to stand on his head, do somersaults, and climb just about anything!
The boys playing school.  Of course, Evan was the teacher.
Legos are a pretty big hit around here.

Evan was excited to give his classmates Valentine's and he was nice enough to give one to each of his brothers, which made their day.

Kaden and Nolan loved their Valentine's from Evan
Checking out the Valentine's that Evan got from his classmates
The pretty flowers that I got from David

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