Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evan's 6th Birthday and David's Birthday

Six years ago we welcomed Evan into the world and he was just a little 5 lb 13oz baby:

And here he is now a six year old:

Hard at work on one of his new Lego sets
We had Evan's birthday party at our house and invited a few of his classmates along with friends and family.  I'm pretty sure that Evan had a blast at his Star Wars themed party.  Uncle Dan was nice enough to work really hard on a cool Darth Vader cake.  Everyone was impressed by it!

Blowing up balloons to get ready for the party
It's hard to see all the detail on the cake, but it was awesome

Look at that big smile on Evan's face :)
Poor Darth Vader getting cut into
Poor Darth Vader
David's birthday is also in February.  We went to Star Wars 3D with Evan and Dan and then went and had a homemade dinner that Kaden and Nolan helped Grandma make.  I made this picture collage for David of the boys. 

February 2012

It's the last day of February so with this post I am caught up once again.  I guess I won't promise that I'll get better with the blog posts, because I'm thinking that probably won't happen :) 

February is a busier month for us.  There's Valentine's day, Evan's birthday, and David's birthday. 

Here are some cute pictures of the boys:

Another favorite past time of the boys...playing with their "garbage"

My cool construction duo
We bought a coin sorter that was on an After Christmas clearance.  The boys loved it!
Nolan likes to stand on his head, do somersaults, and climb just about anything!
The boys playing school.  Of course, Evan was the teacher.
Legos are a pretty big hit around here.

Evan was excited to give his classmates Valentine's and he was nice enough to give one to each of his brothers, which made their day.

Kaden and Nolan loved their Valentine's from Evan
Checking out the Valentine's that Evan got from his classmates
The pretty flowers that I got from David

January 2012

It's hard for me to believe that it has been 2 months since my last post to the blog.  I guess time just gets away from me.  There wasn't too much that was interesting that happened in January.

We went to IKEA and bought Evan a new bed frame 

The boys love to make a big train track
Kaden and Nolan spend the time that Evan is at school playing with their fleet of trucks

 I love seeing what is in Evan's backpack when he comes home from school
We're ready for springtime so the boys can play outside without freezing
Star Wars has been very prevalent in our household lately

Evan lost his second tooth

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day the boys woke up and opened their stockings and Santa presents. We then had my side of the family over to our house.  I didn't get very many good pictures.  With 6 kids opening gifts all of the pictures looked pretty much the same.

 Santa presents and stockings:
Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day 2011

The little kiddos opening presents:
Christmas Day 2011

Brendin and Dillon waiting for presents:
Christmas Day 2011 

The boys checking out their new cozy pumper:
Christmas Day 2011

Kaden likes it:
Christmas Day 2011

Pretty Lilly:
Christmas Day 2011 

Christmas Day is also Brendin's birthday...He turned 10 this year:
Christmas Day 2011

And our group picture:
Christmas Day

Here are a few pictures of the day after Christmas and the boys playing with some of their new toys:

The squirrel needed to mail something according to Nolan:
December 2011

Nolan decided that stacking the wooden fridge food was better then playing in their kitchen:
December 2011 

Constructing the boys fire/police station:
December 2011

And it is complete!
December 2011

The boys got some new markers that are animal shaped and notebooks:
December 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had David's side of the family over to our house.  We had yummy fondue which has been tradition for as long as I can remember :)  Then it was time to open presents!
We let the boys open the presents that were left on our doorstep by our secret Santa neighbors:
Christmas Eve 2011

The presents from our secret Santa neighbors...they were perfect for our boys:
Christmas Eve 2011

We also let them open one present from us before everyone got to our house:
Christmas Eve 2011 

Our present from Evan that he made at school...The BEST kind of present to receive in my opinion:
Christmas Eve 2011

Evan all decked out and ready for Christmas (courtesy of Starbucks)
Christmas Eve 2011

The boys got a train set from Uncle Dan and Auntie Andrea:
Christmas Eve 2011

Lego Star Wars was a big hit this year:
Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011